Outback Graves Markers

Florence Minnie TAYLOR

Burial Location:141-Mile Gate on the Rabbit Proof Fence  (details...)
Place of Death: 13 miles east of Latham, Perenjori district
Date of Death: 04 October 1916
Age:46 years
OGM Ref#: 0307
Headstone:OGM Aluminium
Monument Style: Outback Grave Marker


Buried by Walter Harry Taylor at the 141-Mile Gate on the Rabbit Proof Fence at "Maryvale", 13 miles east of Latham. Witnesses present at the burial were Katherine Pool and A. Lawrence.

Walter Taylor brought his family to Western Australia in 1909. Florence Minnie had been in poor health since the birth of her first child, so it was decided her sister, Katherine Pool, would travel with the family to help with the children. She was to stay until the family was settled before returning to England. She was destined to remain as Florence's health continued to decline until she passed away on 4 October 1916. Her husband made the casket and, with a brass tea-tray, he hammered out her name, age and the date and fixed it on the lid. The following year, Walter Taylor married his sister-in-law who continued as the beloved step-mother. Florence, Walter and Katherine now lie in the little dedicated cemetery. Florence's youngest daughter, Kathleen Burdekin, sent $2000 to the Perenjori Shire for the perpetual maintenance of the cemetery, having been assured by the Council that this sum would be sufficient for this purpose.

Parents:Mary GARRETT and Joseph POOL (art decorator)
Spouse:Walter Henry TAYLOR
Marriage Details:Circa 1901, Birmingham, England
Children:Florence May (b. c1901), Walter Francis (b. c1902), George Wilmott (b. c1903), Kathleen Maud (b. c1906)
Birth Details:Circa 1870, Birmingham, England
Death Certificate:17/1916; district Irwin