Outback Graves Markers

Richard LEWIS

Burial Location:Kookynie  (details...)
Occupation: Prospector
Place of Death: Kookynie Hospital
Date of Death: 04 August 1911
Date of Burial:06 August 1911
Age:48 years
Cause of Death:Inquinal Hernia, Peritonitis
OGM Ref#: 1976


The deceased had been listed as suffering from inguinal hernia for 2 days prior to his death. An inguinal hernia occurs when tissue, such as part of the intestine, protrudes through a weak spot in the abdominal muscles. This had then led to peritonitis, which, in those days before antibiotics, could not be successfully treated. His death was certified to in writing by George Natt, Undertaker of Kookynie.

Birth Details:Circa 1863
Death Certificate:16/1911, North Coolgardie