Outback Graves Markers


Burial Location:Kookynie  (details...)
Occupation: Carpenter and prospector
Place of Death: Kookynie Hotel, Kookynie
Date of Death: 07 October 1907
Date of Burial:08 October 1907
Age:38 years
Cause of Death:Chronic Alcoholism, Heart Failure
OGM Ref#: 1944


The deceased had been suffering from chronic alcoholism for 2 to 3 months prior to his death. He had also been suffering from a severe cold and finally took to his bed at the Kookynie Hotel where he had been residing of late. Mr J Campbell, manager of the hotel, and the deceased were old friends and Mr Campbell promptly called in Dr Campbell. The doctor saw McEwan on the Sunday night and after taking his pulse and temperature, expressed the opinion that he might pull through. About midnight, McEwan appeared to be sleeping comfortably but early Monday morning he must have died peacefully in his sleep.

McEwan was a native of Gippsland, Victoria. He worked his trade as a carpenter for some years and, later on, went out prospecting. For the past two years, he worked at Edjudina He had lived in Victoria for 27 years before moving to Western Australia.

Birth Details:Circa 1869, Cowwarr, Victoria
Death Certificate:43/1907, North Coolgardie