Outback Graves Markers

Charles MILLER

Burial Location:Kookynie  (details...)
Place of Death: Champion Gold Mine, Kookynie
Date of Death: 28 March 1908
Date of Burial:29 March 1908
Age:42 years
Cause of Death:Phthisis, (Tuberculosis Disease) Haemorrhaging from Lungs
OGM Ref#: 1949


The deceased had suffered from these debilitating conditions for six months before his death. Miller, well known and highly respected, was one of the pioneers of the district. In the early days of Niagara, he did a lot of prospecting work and, in later years, was employed at the Altona, the Cosmopolitan and the Champion mines. Although Mr. Miller had been ailing for some time, his sudden death was unexpected. It was apparently caused by the bursting of a blood vessel while he was in his camp.

The deceased had two sisters in Perth and one in Melbourne and, at the time of his death, his mother was residing in Ballarat. Charles Miller had put in the best portion of his time in seeking gold in the auriferous belts lying between Menzies and Kookynie. At the time of his death, he practically died in harness, succumbing to haemorrhage of the lungs a few hours after coming off shift. His only relation in the West was Mr. Alfred Bunting, of Midland Junction. Mr. Miller was a native of Victoria, Mrs. Counsel and Mr. George Bunting, (sister and brother-in-law) being well known residents, of Ballarat..

Parents:Margaret (nee GOLDSPRING) and Charles MILLER (Bootmaker)
Birth Details:Circa 1908, Avon Plains, Victoria
Death Certificate:17/1908, North Coolgardie
State Records Office: Charles Miller AU WA S59 cons3458 1908/107 Item - Part of APPLICATIONS FOR GRANTS OF LETTERS OF ADMINISTRATION (ORIGINALS)
Comments:No record of his birth nor his parents' marriage, has been found, although there was a Charles Goldspring, born 1822 in Norwich, England, who died 20 January 1890 in Avon Plains, Victoria. However, no connection has been found to Margaret Goldspring or the deceased's birth in Avon Plains, Victoria.
George Bunting (brother-in-law of the deceased) married Agnes Gertrude Goldspring in 1878.