Outback Graves Markers

William REID

Burial Location:Kookynie  (details...)
Occupation: Miner, Prospector
Place of Death: Euroa Gold Mine, Niagara
Date of Death: 23 August 1913
Date of Burial:24 August 1913
Age:34 years
Cause of Death:Fall of Earth
OGM Ref#: 1989


William Reid was killed by a fall of earth at the Euroa Gold Mine, Niagara. At the time, he was prospecting with a mate, David Bright, in the Euroa Lease, near Niagara.  They were working the drives leading east and west. After firing a round of holes in each end, they worked them out, which took about one hour. The deceased came to Bright's end and asked him how the face was looking. Bright said, 'No good,' and stepped back for him to have a look at it. Reid had nearly reached the face when about half a ton of mullock came away and fell on him, striking him upon the head and neck. Reid called out that it had got his head and Bright endeavoured to lift the stone from him but it was too heavy. He tried to split the lump of rock but could not do so. He then picked in the hanging wall behind Reid's head to relieve the pressure and to get the head free.

At the inquest, held at Kookynie 29 August 1913, before H.C. Harvey. J.P., Acting Coroner, Bright described how he tried to lever the stone from Reid but had to break up the lump to get him free. Reid was knocked hard against the hanging wall, resulting in his neck being broken and his skull fractured. Bright then climbed the shaft 150 ft. for assistance. His brother, John, came to the shaft as he reached the surface. He informed his brother what had happened to his mate and then sent John for assistance. In his opinion, death was almost instantaneous. John Bright and John Miller Hartley, prospectors, gave evidence of being lowered below to where the deceased was lying. He was then quite dead. The deceased was hauled to the surface with a sling and boatswain's chair. The jury returned the following verdict: 'We find that the deceased William Reid, came to his death by an accidental fall of earth in the Euroa gold mine, Niagara, on the 23rd day of August, 1913. There is no blame attached to anyone.'

The deceased had lived in Victoria for 24 years before moving to Western Australia. His father, Thomas Bailey Reid, was born in Belfast, Ireland. His wife, Sarah Anne Thompson, was born 8 May 1856 in Timor, Victoria. She married Richard Reed on 16 February 1873 at Redbank, Victoria. The marriage produced one child, Richard, born 1873, before the death of Richard senior in 1874. Sarah Anne married Thomas Reid in 1878 and that marriage produced a further five children, of which William was the eldest. The others were: Thomas James born 1880; Ethel Maud born 1882; John born and died 1884; James born 1885, died aged 1 day. Thomas Bailey Reid died 26 March 1929. Sarah Anne died 3 October 1948.

Parents:Sarah Anne (nee THOMPSON) and Thomas Bailey REID (Blacksmith)
Spouse:Ann TAYLOR
Children:Harry, Mary
Birth Details:1878, Coonooer Bridge, near St Arnauds, Victoria; Birth Registration 26606/1878, Yawong Hills, Victoria
Death Certificate:15/1913, North Coolgardie
Comments:No confirmation of a marriage or children has been found by OGM.