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Anthony WOINAR

Burial Location:Menzies Cemetery  (details...)
Place of Death: Four Mile, Menzies
Date of Death: 07 April 1897
Date of Burial:08 April 1897
Age:8 days
Cause of Death:Congestive Convulsions
OGM Ref#: 2854
Headstone:OGM Aluminium


This little soul had suffered for 6 of his 8 days of life.

The child's parents were married in Menzies on 29 December 1896 (Marriage Reg.No.191/1896, Menzies). Nine children were born to this couple - 4 girls and 5 boys - of which Anthony was the first born.  His siblings were: Anthony Vincent 1898-1934, Bernard Aloysius 1901-1976, Amelia Josephine 19092-1980, Francis Joseph 1904-1965, Gertrude May 1906-1995, Lily 1908-1971, Stella 1910-1993 John born and died 1897.

Anthony Woinar was born on 6 May 1872.

Anthony Anglicised his name from Antoni Wojnorow. He was from Vilna, Poland, which is now Vilnius Lithuania. His wife was from Manchester, England. He was supposed to go to England but changed his fare at the last moment and came to Western Australia instead. The attached photograph is of John and Annie in the boarding house in Reedy. Anthony died on 14 August 1947 at Kalgoorlie. Annie also died at Kalgoorlie some years later, on 21 July 1958.

The deceased's brother, John, is also featured in this website.

Parents:Annie (nee BOHANNA) & Anthony WOINAR (Baker)
Birth Details:Born 1897 at the Four Mile, Menzies; Birth Registration 624/1897
Death Certificate:680/1897

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Brother John WOINAR