Outback Graves Markers


Burial Location:Lake Darlot  (details...)
Occupation: Miner
Place of Death: Horseman Gully, Leonora
Date of Death: 27 July 1895
Age:36 years
Cause of Death:Typhoid Fever
OGM Ref#: 0643


Tom Hester and Jerry Donovan made a coffin out of meat and jam boxes nailed on three mulga saplings as a main support to the bottom. The funeral started from Swamper Gully. Bishop was a miner and a Government Well Contractor. He had been working in Swamper Gully with another man named Frank Fagan, when he died supposedly of typhoid fever.
Parents:Possibly Edith (nee THORN) and George BISHOP
Birth Details:Possibly 1 September 1861, South Australia; possibly birth Reg.No. Book 23, page 263; district Penwortham
Death Certificate:Not Registered
Comments:George Bishop was originally buried in Horseman’s Gully, an un-gazetted cemetery. The mining company which took over the site in 1995, agreed to pay for the exhumation of the eight men buried there, who were then relocated and re-interred at the nearby Darlot Cemetery. The deceased is one of those eight.