Outback Graves Markers

Eileen Fay KEARNS

Burial Location:Mulwarrie Cemetery  (details...)
Place of Death: Davyhurst
Date of Death: 21 May 1905
Date of Burial:22 May 1905
Age:6 weeks
Cause of Death:Acute Gastro-Enteritis; Inanition
OGM Ref#: 0735


Emily Kearns married Henry Herbig, at Davyhurst, in 1905 (Marriage Reg.No.572/1905) but there is no record to suggest that this gentleman was the father of little Eileen Fay.

Parents:Emily KEARNS aged 19 years born Lithgow, New South Wales
Birth Details:8 April 1905 Davyhurst; Illegitimate; Birth Reg.No.2157/1905, Davyhurst
Death Certificate:794/1905