Outback Graves Markers


Burial Location:Mt Ida Cemetery  (details...)
Occupation: Retired
Place of Death: Williams Station, Mt Ida
Date of Death: 29 December 1907
Age:54 years
Cause of Death:Syncope
OGM Ref#: 0759


Deceased was buried by Allan Buchanan. Witnesses present at the burial were JO Moore and SW Ebsarry. A former town councillor of Menzies and a storekeeper at Mt Ida, there were frequent references found to Wohlherr's Hotel - but further details are not known.
Parents:Josef WOHLHERR (Farmer)
Birth Details:circa 1853, Bavaria
Death Certificate:1/1908, North Coolgardie
State Records Office: Josef Wohlherr AU WA S61- cons3442 W15 Item 1898-06-02 - 1898-06-23 Part of NATURALIZATION CERTIFICATES Bavaria; Josef Wohlherr AU WA S34 cons3403 1908/057 Item - Part of FILES - PROBATE