Outback Graves Markers

John Shrews TALBOT

Burial Location:Mulline  (details...)
Occupation: Battery Hand, Nightwatchman, Journalist
Date of Death: 26 August 1907
Date of Burial:28 August 1907
Age:68 years
Cause of Death:Suicide by Revolver
OGM Ref#: 1588
Headstone:OGM Aluminium


The deceased gentleman had been in indifferent health for the previous two months, suffering from severe depression and fits of black despondency. But it was thought that in his final week, he showed an improvement.

In the early 1830s, he served his time at journalism, from which he was attached to the British Army. As a captain, he served with distinction in the early Maori war and on his return to London, resigned his commission on being overlooked by the authorities in the list of promotions. After a few years in Canada and California, he became immigration agent for the former colony, and was stationed in London for a number of years. His next move was towards New Zealand, where he was interested in trading concerns in the North Island for some time and ultimately came to this State about ten years before his death, the last six of which he spent in the Mulline district. Ill luck and ill health were his companions for some time and finally wore him to end his days in soldier fashion with a bullet. His upright, fearless character and kindly nature gained him the respect and affection of all who knew him.

After a post mortem examination by Dr. Belgrave, the jury at the subsequent enquiry returned a verdict that the deceased had died from a revolver shot self-inflicted whilst temporarily insane. His eldest son placed a Family Notice in the newspaper on the death of his father, whom he obviously admired greatly. The son, Henry William, signed his name as HWR Talbot of the Geological Survey Department.

Parents:Ellen (nee LEECH) and Henry William TALBOT
Spouse:Eleanor Swete WHITE
Marriage Details:1872, Auckland, New Zealand; Marriage Registration 1872/5813, New Zealand
Children:Henry William R Talbot, born 1874; John Nicholson born 1875; James born 1885; Olive born 1890; Selia born 1892; Lionel born 1892
Birth Details:Circa 1837, Maryborough, Co Laois, Ireland
Death Certificate:35/1907, N Coolgardie
State Records Office: TALBOT, John Shrews - night watchman of Mulline (d.26/8/1907) AU WA S2323 cons5800 1907/211 Item 1907-11-13 - Part of INTESTATE FILES (PUBLIC TRUSTEE) Son - Henry William Beamish Talbot of Ravensthorpe and son in England.