Outback Graves Markers

William Charles Keating FORTE (more)

Cause of Death: Cancer

This little soul was buried by John Robertson. Witnesses present at the burial were James Barlow and Jeremiah Keating. His death was certified in writing by JE Griffiths, a friend, from Yarri.

James John MONAGHAN (more)

Cause of Death: Heart Failure

John James Monaghan, was a well-known publican and hotel-keeper at Edjudina. He died of heart disease accelerated by the use of alcohol. Although his funeral was a solemn affair, there was a ridiculous aspect to it mainly through the efforts of Edjudina's Justice of the Peace, Bob Alderson, who undertook the arduous task of conducting the burial service. The deceased was a Roman Catholic, but Bob knew nothing of the Latin solemnities characteristic of burying the Roman Catholic dead, nor, in fact, of any other kind of religious incantations.

The deceased, noted as being a hotelkeeper and pastoralist, left an estate of £1300 5s. 4d to Letitia Jane Monaghan.

Charles RATHGEBER (more)

Cause of Death: Suicide - bullet to the ehad

The deceased was the fourth of five children born to Anton, who was born 14 February 1833 at Rendsburg, Schleswig, Germany, and his wife, born 1829 in Dublin, Ireland. She arrived in Geelong in 1857, the same year as Anton arrived in Hobart. They married 22 October 1860 at Smythesdale, Victoria. Charles was living in Balfour Street, Kalgoorlie, as a miner, in 1903. When seen by friends the night before his death, Charles was affected by alcohol but gave no indication of his intentions. Ernest Nolan found the body of the deceased in his camp at about 10.30 the next morning. At the inquest o 3 October 1908, one witness testified that he had known Rathgeber for two years and that the deceased "used to suffer after drink". A verdict was returned to the effect that the deceased came by his death by a bullet wound in the head, self-inflicted, whilst of unsound mind. Rathgeber lived in Victoria for 24 years before arriving in Western Australia.

Anthony Plomer THOMAS (more)

Cause of Death: Fall of Earth

The deceased was accidentally killed in a mine by a fall of earth.

Anthony Plomer Thomas, late of Edjudina, Western Australia, formerly of Ascot, Victoria, miner, left an estate valued at £90 17s. 5d. to the. Ballarat Trustees, Executors, and Agency Co., Limited.

Anthony's father was born in 1844 at Falmouth, Cornwall, England, his wife was four years his junior. The couple married in Ballarat on 4 November 1867 and produced a family of ten children, of which Anthony was the third eldest.. His siblings were: John Russell born 1869; Samuel Russell born 1870; John Richard born 1873; James born 1875 (died 1875); Honoria Elizabeth born 1876; Emma Bartlett born 1879; William Herbert born 1881; Mabel May born 1886; Albert Ernest Victor born 1889. The parents both died in Ballarat: Honoria in 1915 and her husband in 1928.

William Edward Gardiner TREE (more)

Cause of Death: Syncope due to Over Exertion

The deceased was manager of the Terilla public battery. Tree went out to Edjudina with Mr James Keighley, to inspect the district. He went down Keighley's mine. When coming up the shaft, and within two feet of the surface, he fainted and fell a hundred feet back down.

The unfortunate gentleman had not long been a resident of that district but during the few months which elapsed since he took charge of the Yerilla Battery (upon the retirement of Mr Clarke), he had made a very large number of friends. Mr Tree had been, for some years, connected with the mining industry of Western Australia, being for some time in charge of a property on the Murchison goldfields. He was buried by Mr Robert McEwan at Edjudina. Witnesses present at the burial were James Keighley and Patrick O'Halloran.

His death was certified in writing by Police Constable Patrick O'Halloran (Regimental Number 98), of Menzies. He had a sister named Margaret who was two years younger than he.

Male UNKNOWN (more)

Cause of Death: Died of Thirst in the Bush

The body of this unknown male was buried 8 miles north of Edjudina in 1902. The verdict of the jury at the Coroner's inquest held at Edjudina on 15 August 1902, was that the deceased had "perished in the bush, supposedly from want of water".

Auguste Charles WAACK (more)

Cause of Death: Natural Causes

Known as Charlie.

It appears that he had been out sandal-wooding for a long time 30 miles distant from Edjudina and he had been ill for three months. He was brought into his camp about 30 May at Edjudina township. A. day or two afterwards, he was removed for attention in a neighbour's home. Constable Read was despatched from Kalgoorlie to make inquiries into the case. He was satisfied that death resulted from natural causes and he buried the body about two miles away from the township.

Christopher WALLACE (more)

Cause of Death: Fall of Earth

When the fatal accident occurred, Wallace, who had, a day or two previously, finished a contract at the mine, and was only putting in a shift in place of one of the owners, was working at the 110ft level, about 120ft from the shaft, and 2ft from the last set of timber. Wallace was shovelling some mullock, when a piece of rock and mullock, weighing from l0cwt to 12cwt, came away and fell on him, breaking his shoulder and ribs and causing instant death. A verdict of accidental death was returned, no blame being attached to anyone. He died from shock and injuries to the heart and lungs.